The MySugr family of apps offers diabetic patients a powerful, handheld solution to staying on top of their logging activity. The apps provide an array of tools that cover everything from blood-glucose level tracking, to diabetes trivia, to helpful diabetes management videos.

The Logbook app makes keeping track of blood-sugar metering simple by allowing users to capture readings with their iPhone or iPad camera. Even though bluetooth-enabled meters are becoming more widely available, this Logbook feature can offer diabetics a comparable, but more affordable option for quick recording. There’s also a logbook version for kids, called Junior, that incorporates a theme of monster-inspired characters.

The majority of MySugr’s apps are already available for iOS, with Logbook and Junior available for Android as well. Android and web versions of the remaining apps in the MySugr pipeline, including Analysis, which will graphically display patterns derived from the logged information and supply custom-tailored insights into a patient’s diabetes care, are expected before the end of the year.

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