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Latest in Human Interest

This week, CBS News reported that Moderna's early data from their vaccine trials show 94.5% efficacy, with 5 vaccine recipients included in the trial's 95 confirmed cases, and reinforces last week's news from Pfizer of greater than 90% efficacy (revised a few days later to closer to 95%).

Where's the Mask? vs. Wears the Mask!

Sending the Right Message With Science, Not Politics

George M. Abraham, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA, Chair of the Infections Disease Board for the American Board of Internal Medicine, discusses the importance of social distancing and mask use in the wake of the POTUS’ and top level government officials’ Covid-19 diagnoses. While there may be mixed messaging...
Samuel I. Fink, MD, FACP, internal medicine specialist in private practice in Tarzana, California, and his daughter, Sarrica Fink, RN, previously in practice at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in LA, and currently working at a digital health innovation non-profit in Tel-Aviv, Israel, created The Fink Tank series...