Certified diabetes educators (CDEs) can help offset a physician’s diabetes-related workload. One particular pain point that CDEs are readily equipped to handle is helping patients get over their fear of needles, or “needlephobia.”

When a patient learns that they have to begin insulin or GLP-1 therapy, many find the new injection schedule daunting. Some of these patients will also report that they are terrified of needles. CDEs recommend having life-like faux skin patches on hand, along with the smallest/shortest gauge of needle available from the most common therapeutic brands of insulin therapy. Demonstrating the injection process and allowing the frightened patient to practice on the artificial skin can help alleviate the fear many patients have when beginning their diabetes management programs.

Carolyn Gershenson, RN, MSN, CDE
Certified Diabetes Educator: NY Diabetes & Insulin Pump Consultants / American Diabetes Association