Apps to help patients track and manage their diabetes have been accumulating in the Google Play and Apple App stores for the past few years. However, very few have taken the bold approach of rewarding their users for being vigilant glucose trackers. Sugar Streak is one of those few apps because its creators realized that even though tracking glucose levels is important for diabetics, it is still a burdensome endeavor that can be made less so with a little bit of healthy encouragement.

Unlike many other diabetes management apps, Sugar Streak focuses exclusively on recording glucose levels. Users are rewarded by sticking to their pledge of how many times per day they will record their sugar levels. This helps them build a “streak” that they won’t want to break. Users can earn “glucoins” as their streaks grow, which can then be used to redeem special offers in the Glucoin Market. Physicians can make much better treatment recommendations when their patients supply accurate and robust glucose tracking data.

David Ahn, MD
Founder: Sugar Streak