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Content Hub: Diabetes

    Final Piece of Type 1 Diabetes Pathology Identified

    Sugar Streak Rewards You for Vigilant Sugar Level Monitoring

    Diabetes management apps offer lots of logging tools, but few offer rewards for unwavering attention to glucose tracking. MORE

    Should Type-2 Diabetes Be Divided Into More Precise Subgroups?

    Genetic sequencing is opening new avenues of research for scientists studying everything from diabetes to dementia. MORE

    Should We Bid Farewell to Inhaled Insulin Forever?

    With the future of Mannkind's Affreza in limbo, Dr. Cavaiola gives us some insight into the troubles of inhaled insulin products. MORE

    Telehealth & Wearables Will Help Customize Exercise Therapies

    As telemedicine platforms and wearable health/activity monitors continue to proliferate, the possible use-cases... MORE

    Certified Diabetes Instructors Help Physicians Optimize Their Practice

    Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) can help primary care providers save and reallocate some of the time they might... MORE

    Healthcare Tech Can Reduce Diabetes-Related Office Visits

    The intersection of wearable health-monitoring devices and telemedicine platforms might lead to better management of... MORE

    Tips to Consider When Screening Patients for Prediabetes

    Prediabetes screening utilizes some of the same tests used for identifying type 2 diabetes. In this video, Dr. Frias... MORE

    One-Quarter of Adult Diabetes Cases in the US are Undiagnosed

    Almost 10% of the US population is afflicted with diabetes, and a much greater percentage is at risk of developing... MORE

    Possible Cure for Type 1 Diabetes on the Horizon

    Daily insulin injections might soon become a thing of the past with new therapies being developed by bioengineers at Harvard and MIT. MORE

    Amniotic Membrane Therapies "Attract" Stem Cells to Wounds

    Amniotic membrane regenerative healing treatments (amnion allografts) can be very effective in repairing diabetic foot... MORE

    SGLT2 Inhibitors Help Block Glucose Reabsorption

    Patients with type-2 diabetes have an FDA-approved medication option that will help reduce blood sugar levels in... MORE

    Clinical Findings in Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome

    Insulin resistance is a major precursor to the development of type-2 diabetes. Obesity is the primary cause of insulin... MORE

    New Options for Patients with Severe Insulin Resistance

    Concentrated insulin is an important tool for managing severe insulin resistance in type-2 diabetes cases. If a patient... MORE

    Study Finds Diabetes in the United States Continues to Rise

    Each week we present you with the latest featured study from the research teams at JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association. Check out the video for intriguing updates in the fields of medicine and healthcare. MORE

    Metformin May Increase Longevity in Addition to Treating Diabetes

    An official study to determine metformin's ability to extend the lives of humans has been approved by the FDA. MORE

    Injectable Medication as an Alternative Treatment for Diabetic Eye Disease

    Each week we present you with the latest featured study from the research teams at JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association. Check out the video for intriguing updates in the fields of medicine and healthcare. MORE

    Scientists Create Artificial Pancreas from Triangle of Mobile Devices

    UVA researchers have combined a glucose meter, insulin pump, and Android device to create a networked artificial pancreas suitable for outpatient use. MORE

    New dHACM Allograft for Wound Treatment Surpasses Peers

    In a recent study comparing the healing properties of the current standard of care, EpiFix, and Apligraf on persistent... MORE

    Smart Devices Help Patients With Their Health Monitoring

    David Ahn, MD, endocrinologist and founder of Sugar Streak, breaks down how and why smart devices are transforming... MORE

    Clinical Trials Demonstrate that Standard of Care for Diabetic Foot Ulcers May Be Obsolete

    In one of the first clinical trials intended to compare the standard of care for diabetic foot wounds against EpiFix, a... MORE

    Improve Diabetes Control by Going Digital with Glucose Diaries

    With a multitude of glucose meters on the market, it can sometimes be difficult for endocrinologists to maintain the... MORE

    MySugr Offers a Suite of Apps for Diabetes Monitoring & Management

    Each week, The Doctor's Channel and IMS Health's present you with a useful and thoughtfully designed app that can help both patients and their physicians with health-related matters. MORE

    Adrenal Tumors Can Cause Severe Hypertension & Diabetes

    Rashmi, Roy, MD, FACS, endocrine surgeon for the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, outlines how... MORE

    Mild Thyroid Overactivity Linked to Increased Risk of Fractures

    The thyroid gland makes hormones that regulate metabolism. An over-active thyroid can increase the risk of osteoporosis... MORE

    Gastric Bypass Can Help Treat Diabetes, But There Are Risks

    According to Reuters, a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology has found that type 2 diabetes... MORE

    Former Smokers with Diabetes May Have Difficulties Controlling Blood Sugar

    Reuters reports a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology suggests that although quitting smoking... MORE

    Overweight Diabetics May Have Advantage Over Slimmer Diabetes Patients

    According to Reuters, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that people who have type-2... MORE

    Toning Down Diabetes Risk, One Drink at a Time

    A post in The NY Times's Well blog reports a study published in Diabetologia which found that swapping in one serving a... MORE

    Intrauterine Exposure to Maternal Gestational Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk of Autism

    When a fetus is exposed to high blood glucose because of maternal diabetes, this can have long-lasting effects on... MORE

    Type 1 Diabetes in Children May Be Detected Before Symptoms

    According to an article in Reuters Health, scientists participating in The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in... MORE

    Less Sitting Time May Improve Health in Type 2 Diabetics

    According to Reuters, a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that people with Type 2... MORE

    Healthier Eating for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

    According to Reuters, a small study published in Diabetologia has found that large breakfasts and smaller dinners may... MORE

    Children With Type 1 Diabetes Have Greater Risk for Psychiatric Issues

    According to Reuters, a study published in Diabetes Care has found that children with type 1 diabetes are at higher... MORE

    Diabetics Now Have More Treatment Options, Thanks to Sanofi SA

    According to Reuters, Sanofi SA has just launched an inhalable insulin medication in an effort to boost its... MORE

    The Link Between PTSD and Diabetes in Females

    According to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry, women suffering from PTSD are at greater risk for developing type-2... MORE

    Type-1 Diabetes Life Expectancy on the Rise

    According to Reuters, a Scottish study published in JAMA reports that patients with type-1 diabetes live an average of... MORE

    The Benefits of Intensive Blood Sugar Control for Diabetes Patients

    During the 1980s, the Diabetes Control & Complications Trial (DCCT) began, seeking to determine whether intensive... MORE