David Ahn, MD, endocrinologist and founder of Sugar Streak, breaks down how and why smart devices are transforming healthcare. Given the boring and rather burdensome nature of recording one's blood-sugar levels up to five times daily, it's no wonder that diabetes patients often skip logging and forget to bring crucial data to their physicians. Apps like Sugar Streak, coupled with smart devices, aim to make these mundane tasks more simple and engaging. Sugar Streak is an app for the iPhone (with Apple Watch compatibility) that rewards diabetics for continually tracking their blood-glucose levels. Android support is in the works, and Dr. Ahn is betting that future wireless blood-glucose meters will become more accurate and come with the ability to easily communicate with a variety of apps on smartphones and tablets, potentially beginning with Sugar Streak. This could give people who suffer from diabetes very straightforward logging capabilities in as few as one or two clicks on their device. David Ahn, MD Founder: Sugar Streak