Preventing exposure to infection in the workplace and other communal areas begins with identifying the sick members of that community. Medical Grade Innovations (MGI), a healthcare company focused on providing solutions to minimize the spread of infection, recommends that businesses, hospitals, factories, and others use a fever screening tool to help identify individuals who might carry contagions into the work setting.

Fever is a reliable indicator of probable infection. The WelloStation by Wello, Inc. is MGI’s preferred fever-screener due to its ease-of-use, affordability, and HIPAA-compliant data storage system.

Identifying infected individuals is just the first step in preventing community-acquired infections. Taking preventive measures, such as isolating contagious individuals, or sending them home before they interact with their colleagues, is an equally important piece of the puzzle when trying to keep your workforce healthy and productive.

Murray Cohen, PhD, MPH, CIH
Science Advisor / Infectious Control Consultant: Medical Grade Innovations