Smartphones are powerful tools that have the ability to track, log, and store all kinds of data about our activities. Device-owners may want to share some of this information with their physicians, their family, their friends, or even the whole world. By now, we’ve all encountered at least one Facebook post featuring a picture of a map with a bright, squiggly line tracing one of our friend’s latest runs. MapMyRun is the likely culprit in introducing this innovation to our social media feeds.

MapMyRun uses the sensors and GPS of your Android, iPhone, or Windows phone to monitor multiple aspects of your runs and other fitness activities. Details logged include pace, duration, speed, distance, elevation, routes traveled, and calories burned. Using MapMyRun could persuade your patients to challenge themselves or their friends to be more physically fit. The social aspect of the app could offer that extra component of motivation your patients need to keep up with exercise.

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