Using a thoughtfully constructed curriculum, the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center helps educate surgeons on best practices and proven techniques in robotic surgery. The course is called “The Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery” and includes both online and in-person training components. The curriculum, including a video game component, is culled from the body of knowledge collected by some of the best robotic surgeons on the planet.

The team behind the course was tasked with making a device-agnostic certification for basic robot-assisted surgeries. When assigned this task, there was only one robotic device approved for use in the types of surgeries covered by the lessons, but careful attention was paid to making the material adaptable to new robots expected to be approved in the near future.

Roger Smith, PhD, MBA
Chief Technology Officer: Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

Alyssa Tanaka, PhD
Research Scientist: Florida Hospital Nicholson Center