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Latest Additions

Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.
The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 infected nearly half of the Earth's population.
Can you identify this skin ailment? Take this week's Derm Case Challenge to validate your diagnosis.
Researchers have developed a vapor delivery system for a sialic acid-coated nanoparticle that is intended to prevent the influenza A virus from binding to sialic acid on patients’ cell surfaces. In a study involving immunocompromised mice, the...
Designer microbes may soon become precision treatment options for cancers and diseases of the gut.
An injection of cells using only a local anesthetic might be able to deliver the same benefits as a full pancreatic transplant without the tumultuous side effects.
In a recent study, African-Americans ages 30- to 40-years-old presented with higher levels of antibodies to the H1N1 virus than Caucasians of the same age. However, this disparity appears to decrease with age because the same study showed no difference in...