Adam Schlifke, MD, MBA, practicing anesthesiologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford Medicine, has started a company with a unique model that will allow patients to be monitored remotely for certain conditions, keeping them out of the hospital yet still under the care of a team of healthcare professionals.

At launch, Xpand Care, founded by Dr Schlifke and operated and advised by dozens of top minds in medicine and healthcare technology, will bring together a suite of ready-to-deploy tools to enable at-home monitoring of patients with non-critical symptoms of COVID-19 and other illnesses that can be managed by keeping an eye on certain vital signs of patients by FDA-cleared smart devices.  During the pandemic, being able to give non-critical patients a kit to take home or to other places of self-quarantine that includes easy-to-use monitoring devices and a means of constant communication with the team providing care can free up valuable hospital resources for more critical patients and better protect the providers and patients by reducing proximity of infected and non-infected individuals.

While the business plan was in development before the crisis, as there are myriad uses for a service that optimizes hospital resource allocation and uses non-siloed patient data confidentially, Dr Schlifke quickly and exponentially grew the development team and accelerated the time to market to meet the demands of today’s emergency.

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