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Mental Factors Play Role in Hormone Regulation & Sexuality

Cortisol Steal Occurs When Sexual Dysfunction Affects Patients Physically & Emotionally

Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD, psychiatrist and sex therapist, has advice for physicians that are approached with questions and complaints from patients about sexuality. By the time a patient is bold or brave enough to bring sexual issues to a physician’s attention, the physiological factors associated with sexual problems have likely had an emotional effect as well. Doctors may want to offer a referral to a specialist that can assist with the mental side of sexual dysfunction before tackling the possible hormonal imbalance that may be causing the physical symptoms.

Dr. Castellanos points out that hormones beyond just estrogen and testosterone need to be considered when developing treatment plans for sexual dysfunction. It is particularly important to assess adrenal function, especially if the patient indicates stress and exhaustion as a possible culprit. The body also tends to give priority to thyroid function before regulating sex hormones, so assessing the levels of multiple hormones is important when addressing sexual health.

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