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Crowd-Sourcing Diagnoses from a Virtual Army of Medical Detectives

Even with all of our advancements in technology and our accumulation of libraries of medical research, there are still times when patients display symptoms that do not indicate an easily verifiable diagnosis. Some of these patients might spend a lot of time, and large sums of money, seeing multiple specialists whom are unable (or unwilling) to pinpoint a particular disease or treatment.

There may be a solution for both physicians and patients in the form of a crowd-sourcing online portal called CrowdMed. This investigative service aims to connect users to “hundreds or thousands of experts to solve even the most complex problems – including medical issues – in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional processes.” Physicians are encouraged to contribute to this medical detective work by signing up at CrowdMed and becoming a member of the medical investigation community.

Can you help your fellow doctors provide some relief and peace of mind for struggling patients?

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