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4 Problems Facing Physician Innovators with Great Ideas

Part 1: Physician Entrepreneurship

Bobby Grajewski, MBA, President, Edison Nation Medical, introduces a new collaboration between the Carolinas Healthcare System and Edison Nation to create Edison Nation Medical, a healthcare incubator and online healthcare innovation portal. The focus of Edison Nation Medical lies in facilitating doctors, nurses, inventors, care-givers, and patients to get their innovative healthcare device ideas out into the marketplace.

The Mission of Edison Nation Medical

1) Find high-quality healthcare innovations that improve the quality of care

2) Find innovations that create greater efficiency

3) Create greater access for innovators to get their ideas out into the marketplace


Edison Nation Medical helps these inventors get their ideas commercialized by breaking down these barriers:

4 Key Problems Innovators Face

1) Lack of access to capital

2) Lack of business expertise

3) Lack of time and other priorities

4) Lack of access to the healthcare supply chain