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Telemedicine Expands into Oncology & Other Subspecialties

Physicians Across Spectrum of Specializations May Begin Utilizing Telemedicine

Rebecca Kaltman, MD, oncologist and founder of Breast Cancer Consultants, explains why telemedicine is increasingly being embraced by both patients and specialist practitioners. In terms of cancer treatment, there are multiple appointments a patient might have with their specialist within a very short span of time. For many of these meetings, an office visit might not be essential, and conversely, a phone call might be less than sufficient. Telemedicine, when performed in a HIPAA-compliant manner, can be the happy medium between these two extremes.

Another benefit of using telemedicine technology in specialized medicine is the potential for patients to receive expert-level second opinions without having to travel across the country or globe. There is also the chance for patients in rural locales to participate in helpful clinical trials, counseling services, and nutritional support networks that might otherwise be too costly to access.

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