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Scientists at EPFL have created a wireless interface that bridges the gap between a paralyzed rhesus monkey's brain and spinal cord, restoring its ability to walk.
According to a recent study involving over 4,000 children, it appears that mortality rates linked with influenza type A are markedly lower than that of type B. However, influenza type A represents a greater challenge when it comes to immunization due to its ability to mutate and spread quickly. Both the CDC...
Each week we present you with the latest featured study from the research teams at JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association. Check out the video for intriguing updates in the fields of medicine and healthcare.
Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.
Growing our own replacement body parts may not be a fictional superpower much longer.
Philip Goulder, a professor of immunology at the University of Oxford, is currently investigating why a significant subsection of HIV-positive children in sub-Saharan Africa seem to have resisted the virus’ progression to AIDS. These HIV non-progressors, as they are known, are unique because they...
Can you identify this skin ailment? Take this week's Derm Case Challenge to validate your diagnosis.
Physically simulating human organs on computer chips in a lab setting and studying their reactions to drugs and other stimuli could be the future of medical research.