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Latest in Surgery

Treating the signs of aging

The Y-Lift

Yan Trokel, MD is the Founder and Director of The YAN Center for Corrective & Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Trokel’s areas of expertise include cosmetic facial surgery, endoscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery of the soft and hard tissues following cancer resection or trauma, orthognathic surgery, and...

The most common eye cancer in children


Miguel Materin, MD, Director of Ocular Oncology Section, Yale Eye Center, discusses retinoblastoma and the importance of germline vs somatic mutations in predicting prognosis. Summary: Retinoblastoma can be classified into 2 types of mutations: germline or somatic. Somatic mutations are only present in...

Multifocal lenses in cataract surgery

Presbyopia correcting artificial lenses

Hylton Mayer, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University Department of Ophthalmology, discusses presbyopia correcting artificial lenses which, when used at the time of cataract surgery, help a patient have normal vision at a distance, as well as up close. Summary: Presbyopia correcting...