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Latest in Nurses/NP/PA

Treatment options

Agitated Patients in the ER

James P. Moises, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Department of Emergency Medicine, Clerkship Director of Emergency Medicine, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, discusses treatment options for agitated patients brought to the ER. References and Resources Acute Management of Agitation ...

Another round of shots please!

Latest Vaccinations for Adults and Children

Russell W. Steele, MD, Division Head, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Ochsner Children's Health Center, discusses the latest preventive interventions for adults and children through the use of vaccines. References and Resources American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Immunization Initiatives Click Here to...

An Evolving Common Practice

Treating Chronic Pain

Robert Kravitz, MD, Medical Director, St. Francis Pain Center, Indianapolis IN, physiatrist and pain expert, discusses chronic pain management. References and Resources Katz N, Chilcoat H, Budman S, et al. Systematic review of current prescription opioid abuse surveillance systems. Annual Meeting....