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Stuff They Never Teach In Med School, As Told By Sam Shem

The Secret Laws of Medicine From The House of God

Author Sam Shem, MD, writer of The House of God and The Spirit of the Place, discusses the infamous Laws of The House of God.  He expounds upon such secret and underground medical laws as "The patient is the one with the disease" and "If you don't take a temperature, you can't find a fever." Watch and...
General Surgeon, Les Edrich, MD provides some insight toward negotiating the delicate balance of providing information, treatment options, and an opinion regarding the best course of treatment while respecting the potential vulnerability of the patient with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Sponsored by The...
Les Edrich, MD, a general surgeon from Long Beach, California, discusses the concept of a two-tiered medical system and whether it would have an impact on quality of care. Sponsored by The Doctor's Channel