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ReelDx Video Case Challenge

18-Year-Old Male with Rash on Back of Neck

The Doctor's Channel has partnered with ReelDX to bring you a new video case each week. Take the challenge to see if you can you diagnose this patient's condition.
TXA-709 is a new type of antibiotic being developed by TAXIS Pharmaceuticals. The antibiotic specifically targets variants of the MRSA bacteria. TXA-709, a FtsZ-targeting benzamide prodrug, should be able to circumvent the problem of antibiotic resistance in certain bacterial infections by targeting...
[case_player][/case_player] Researchers from the British Columbia Cancer Agency and UBC Vancouver Coastal Health have found a protein present in the malaria parasite that easily bonds with a sugar molecule found in most cancer cells. The discovery stemmed from a study examining why pregnant women are...