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Latest in Gastroenterology

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Complication rates after endoscopies higher than reported

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - About 1% of outpatient endoscopies require a subsequent visit to the emergency room for related complications, but fewer than a quarter of these cases are noted in standard reporting procedures, according to findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine for October...

High nutrition foods should be low in cost

Obesity and Food Labelingt

Diana Ramos, MD, MPH, delegate of the AMA Minority Affairs Consortium, talks at the annual AMA delegation about the importance of simplifying labeling to decrease obesity. Standards for labeling need to be agreed upon and implemented, and ensuring high nutrition foods are low in cost will also help in the...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Sensitivity of colorectal cancer biomarkers overestimated for screening

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The reported sensitivity of numerous blood-based markers proposed for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) are probably higher than might be expected in screening settings, because the estimates come from clinical studies with a high proportion of advanced...