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Over a decade ago, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies published a report that found the annual cost of premature births in the United States exceeded $26 billion. The March of Dimes organization recently reported that preterm births...
Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.
A potential new treatment for Alzheimer's and progressive supranuclear palsy has shown an ability to help patients repair and regrow teeth by stimulating stem cells to produce large quantities of dentine.
Instead of vaccinating patients with weakened versions of a virus, it may be possible to modify the virus so it is incapable of infecting a host, but still induces an antibody response.
Can you identify this skin ailment? Take this week's Derm Case Challenge to validate your diagnosis.
Waiting lists for organ transplantation may become a relic of the past thanks to this experimental organ repurposing process.
PPP entities combine the research and trial expertise of private companies with the funding and regulatory advantages of the public sector.
World-renowned vaccine developer and scientist, Maurice R. Hilleman, PhD, comments on his prediction of the 1957 asian (H2N2) flu pandemic and the processes he set in motion to aid in US vaccinations. Video Source:...
Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.
This nano-sensor array might be able to smell cancer, Parkinson's, and other conditions by analyzing your breath, even before your doctor could detect them by other means.