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Latest in Surgery

A new study in Anesthesia and Analgesia reveals that using a patient’s own blood during heart surgery is a safer alternative to the traditional method of blood transfusion. A new entry in the New York Times’ Well Blog describes the results...

Cancer Treatment & Patient Care

Cancer Treatment More Effective, Less Risky

Cancer treatment has come a long way, and what used to be a risky and radiation-fraught path to remission is now safer than ever. From the surgeries to the hospital in which patients are treated, the industry has moved toward revolutionizing cancer...

Part 2: Juliann Reiland, MD, on Saving the Breast

Breast Cancer Surgery? or Breast Lift? How Your Patients Can Have Both

Juliann Reiland, MD, Surgeon, Avera Medical Group, discusses her goal to treat breast cancer while maintaining the look of the breast after surgery. Using intraoperative radiation, Dr. Reiland is able to vastly reduce the deformities that result from...