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Where Will the Healthcare Dollars Flow in 2015?

BioTech is a Hotbed of Healthcare Investment, IPO Windows Still Open

In February of 2015, the New York City Health Business Leaders organization (NYCHBL) held a conference titled “Lean In or Pull Back: Where Will the Healthcare Dollars Flow in 2015?” At this conference, representatives from every sector of the healthcare industry converged to discuss investment trends and exchange investment advice about emerging technologies and important business developments involving healthcare and medicine.

In addition to providing information on how investment funds are being allocated in the industry, the conference gives young innovators a chance to practice pitching and network with more established players in healthcare IT. In this video, Justin Silver, Executive VP of Corporate Development for the Ability Network, highlights of the financial trends taking root in 2015. Among these trends are increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, exits and liquidity events from digital health holdings, and a lingering open window for IPO action in the BioTech divisions.

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