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Telemedicine & Traditional Healthcare Complement Each Other

Concierge Telemedicine App Offers Up More Options for Non-Emergent Care

It can sometimes be difficult for patients to make their way to a physician’s office or an urgent care center when they aren’t feeling well. This may explain why so many non-emergent cases end up being logged at emergency rooms – it might just be easier or more convenient to travel to a local hospital or call for an ambulance.

Vytaliz, a new concierge healthcare service and smartphone app, addresses these possibilities by providing its contracted physicians with a telemedicine platform to interface with patients, coupled with assistance from a nurse who will physically travel to the patients’ home. Amer Alnajar, MD, co-founder and head physician of Vytaliz, feels that someday soon, hospital doctors might even employ his company’s service to follow-up with patients virtually, thereby reducing their readmission rates.

Amer Alnajar, MD – No Relevant Associations to Disclose