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Pro-Bites Helps Cancer Patients

Tasty snack with many health benefits

Protein energy malnutrition can cause death in post-operative and cancer patients. New protein-rich snacks can help remedy that situation, and offer a new solution for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Pro-Bites line of healthy snacks are soy-based and deliver high-protein in a tasty snack-like package. By replacing unhealthy snack foods like chips, candy and popcorn with protein-based snacks, caloric intake can be decreased by 12% per day. This product line is developed by a fellow physician, Dr. Steven Snodgrass, former Chief of Surgery at Greenview Hospital.

For more information, visit Pro-Bites online at Pro-Bites. You may also purchase Pro-Bites at Sam’s Club.

Produced by The Doctor’s Channel