VSV-EBOV, an experimental vaccine for the Ebola virus being developed by Merck Sharp & Dohme, has
proved 100% effective for individuals in the Guinea Phase III efficacy trial in Conakry, Guinea. After being reviewed by the Guinean National Regulatory Authority and Ethics Review Committee, the trials will be allowed to continue on to the next phase so scientists can analyze the effectiveness of the vaccine in producing “herd immunity” in at-risk communities.

The original trial began on March 23rd of this year and was wrapped up for reporting on July 26th after successful vaccinations of over 4,000 participants. Researchers used the “ring” vaccination technique in an attempt to contain any spread of the virus from doctors, nurses, and family members who came into contact with victims of the virus. By creating a “ring” of immunity, the vaccination has demonstrated its ability to prevent an outbreak from spiraling out of control.

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