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HEXL Plans to Innovate on Financial Models of Healthcare

New Company Leverages Telemedicine to Influence Healthcare's Financial Paradigms

Richard Kimball, Jr. is the founder and CEO of HEXL, a concierge telemedicine company with a mission “to change the reimbursement paradigm and create an incentive to keep people healthy.” HEXL is an acronym derived from “Health x Longevity” and is meant to illustrate the company’s commitment to “improve patient outcomes and deliver various benefits, most notably, lower costs to consumers.”

HEXL’s main differentiating factor is their focus on having providers utilize capitation payment models. By holding providers financially responsible for the health of their patients, proactive care might help doctors stay away from reactive care. Creating a paradigm shift in the way payments are managed, coupled with advancements in medical and consumer-technology, should allow the healthcare industry to offer more effective and efficient care to those with chronic conditions. Perhaps, one day, the majority of healthcare will be proactive and doctors will call patients when something might be amiss.

Richard Kimball, Jr.