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5 Ways Healthcare Delivery Has Changed Forever

Healthcare After the ACA

Anthony Grimaldi, MA, CASAC, Senior Vice President, BHM Healthcare Solutions, explains the changes to the way that providers must deliver healthcare. He describes 5 fundamental differences in healthcare delivery following the Affordable Care Act:

1) Patient Centricity: The doctor-patient relationship will need to change in order to get the patient more engaged

2) Revenue Preservation: Doctors will have to move away from the fee-for-service in order to avoid penalties

3) Total Cost of Care: Providers will have to have a better grasp on the services rendered in order to control the total cost of care

4) Patient Outcomes and Transparency: Information about the success of a delivery system will be public and the providers will be rated based on this outcome, which in turn, will affect compensation

5) Documentation and Transparency: Delivery systems will have to show that the quality of their care is well documented with a measurable outcome


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