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Rachel Rohde, Orthopedic Surgeon, discusses the treatment options for basal joint arthritis prior to consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. Sponsored by The Doctor's Channel

Heels and arch supports increase torque on the knee

Footwear worsens joint biomechanics

Casey Kerrigan, MD, MS, Department Chair, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Virginia Health System, discusses her research findings that any type of shoe heel or arch support increases knee varus torque by 26%, predisposing to osteoarthritis. This effect is true for all types...

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Hyperkyphosis predicts mortality in women with vertebral fractures

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – New research indicates that hyperkyphosis is an independent risk factor for mortality in older women with vertebral fractures. According to the report in the Annals of Internal Medicine for May 19, each standard deviation increase in kyphosis increased the risk of death over...