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Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

D&E better than labor induction for second-trimester abortion for fetal indications

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – For abortion in the second trimester performed for fetal anomalies or fetal death, dilation and evacuation (D&E) is considerably safer than the labor-induction technique, according to a retrospective review. Dr. Amy G. Bryant and colleagues with the University of North...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Laparoscopic hysterectomy has advantages over vaginal approach

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – In cases of benign disease, hysterectomy performed laparoscopically is associated with less postop pain and faster recovery compared with vaginal hysterectomy, according to a meta-analysis of randomized trials comparing the two techniques. Dr. Colin A. Walsh, at St. George...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

For labor induction, Foley catheter or misoprostol?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- Transcervical Foley catheter is just as effective for inducing vaginal labor as intravaginal misoprostol, but carries less risk of tachysystole, according to a new meta-analysis published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. However, it’s too early...