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Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Estrogen-raloxifene combination appears safe in postmenopausal women

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – The combination of estrogen and raloxifene seems to reduce menopausal symptoms and appears not to increase the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, researchers from Brazil report in the April 30th online issue of Menopause. “Some physicians use the association of these two...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

ACE inhibitor treated hypertension linked to reduced all-cause mortality

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – All-cause mortality rates among hypertensive patients treated with an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor are 10% lower than in those whose treatment does not include an ACE inhibitor, according to the results of a meta-analysis reported in the European Heart Journal online...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Comprehensive care program does not prevent COPD hospitalizations

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A program of patient education and planning aimed at treating exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease early and reducing rates of hospitalization was not effective in a randomized controlled trial. In fact, the trial was stopped when it was seen that the...