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Latest in Anesthesiology

Aromatase and lung cancer

Enzyme Marker in Cancer

A study published in the journal Cancer Research has found that higher levels of aromatase may be the hallmark of a more aggressive type of lung cancer in women older than 65. References and Resources Yang X, Pfeiffer R, Garcia-Closas M, et al. Hormonal Markers in Breast Cancer: Coexpression,...

New warnings are prompted by FDA

Warnings Issued for Contrast

FDA has requested that a boxed warning and other warnings emphasizing the risk for serious cardiopulmonary reactions be added to the labeling of contrast. References and Resources Micro-bubble Contrast Agents Click Here to read the report. Sponsored by The Doctor's...

A noninvasive neurosurgical procedure

Robotic Gamma Knife

Curtis Miyamoto, MD, Chairperson/Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Temple University School of Medicine, discusses the Robotic Gamma Knife. References and Resources More information on the 4C Gamma Knife A Message from Curtis Miyamoto, MD Click Here to view message. Sponsored...