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Latest in Anesthesiology

Treatment options

Agitated Patients in the ER

James P. Moises, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Department of Emergency Medicine, Clerkship Director of Emergency Medicine, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, discusses treatment options for agitated patients brought to the ER. References and Resources Acute Management of Agitation ...

Aromatase and lung cancer

Enzyme Marker in Cancer

A study published in the journal Cancer Research has found that higher levels of aromatase may be the hallmark of a more aggressive type of lung cancer in women older than 65. References and Resources Yang X, Pfeiffer R, Garcia-Closas M, et al. Hormonal Markers in Breast Cancer: Coexpression,...

New warnings are prompted by FDA

Warnings Issued for Contrast

FDA has requested that a boxed warning and other warnings emphasizing the risk for serious cardiopulmonary reactions be added to the labeling of contrast. References and Resources Micro-bubble Contrast Agents Click Here to read the report. Sponsored by The Doctor's...