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Will This Device Change the Way We Treat Heart Failure?

Cardiac Advancements

Margarita Camacho, MD, and Mark J. Zucker, MD, JD, Barnabas Heart Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, discuss the options for treating heart failure, and the benefits of the C-Pulse System. Traditional methods of treatment include medication and invasive devices, both of which have limitations and risks including infection, thrombosis and bleeding. The C-Pulse System is a uni0que device that wraps around the aorta, squeezing the artery and supporting the heart without blood contact.0 In addition, the C-Pulse device is implantable, mobile, and can be disconn0ected at any time.

Advantages of C-Pulse System: 

1. Minimal risk of infection

2. No risk of intravascular infections, thrombosis or bleeding


Margarita Camacho, MD

Consulting Fees: C-Pulse/Sunshine Heart

Mark J. Zucker, MD, JD

Consulting Fees: C-Pulse/Sunshine Heart