If there is one common thread that binds all non-emergent medical cases together, it is the lack of options when a patient wants treatment. Splitting headaches, sore throats, and low-grade fevers often result in a trip to the emergency room, but sufferers of these ailments need not expend the energy and expense required to make it to a hospital or urgent care center. All they really need to do is whip out their smartphone and tap the screen a few times.

The telemedicine industry has been growing along with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous connectivity. Taking advantage of this reality, Dr. Amer Alnajar has cofounded Vytaliz, a company that takes teleconferencing with a doctor one step further.

Vytaliz is a service, with a dedicated app for iOS & Android, that’s linked to a network of board-certified physicians providing concierge-style healthcare with the added assistance of a nurse who will come to your location and provide the physical presence your doctor needs in order to make a proper diagnosis and deliver the correct treatment. This combination of virtual conferencing and physical monitoring promises to make telemedicine a more attractive option for people experiencing non-emergency symptoms.