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Strategic Target Adjustment Revamps Antibiotic Development

TXA-709 is a new type of antibiotic being developed by TAXIS Pharmaceuticals. The antibiotic specifically targets variants of the MRSA bacteria. TXA-709, a FtsZ-targeting benzamide prodrug, should be able to circumvent the problem of antibiotic resistance in certain bacterial infections by targeting previously neglected portions of these harmful microbes.

Rather than formulating a slightly different version of a previously effective antibiotic, TAXIS scientists are synthesizing new chemical entities with uniques mechanisms of action. This approach offers a distinct advantage when designing treatments to overcome multi-drug resistant bacteria. TXA-709 has yielded very promising results in pre-clinical trials. If approved, the drug will have the added benefit of being orally efficacious, which will make it easy to administer to patients.

Edmond J. LaVoie, PhD
Co-Founder: TAXIS Pharmaceuticals