The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, organs and structures that function in recognizing and destroying invaders through markers called antigens. Cancerous tumors are capable of producing substances that evade the body’s natural response to defend against these enemies.

Heat Biologics has created a novel mechanism to stimulate the immune system by providing the antigens (unique identifiers) it requires to recognize, target, and specifically destroy cancer cells in a “natural” way. This is accomplished through injection of immortalized replication-incompetent cells into the dermal skin layer, where it recruits the maximum concentration of dendritic cells. The antigen dendritic complex proceeds to communicate with T-cells through a matching activation event, known as Signal-1. This results in T-cell expansion, division, and potentiation allowing immune-mediated tumor cell destruction.

Jeff Hutchins, PhD Chief Scientific & Operating Officer: Heat Biologics