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Historic site in Stockholm

City Hall Tower – Stockholm, Sweden

David Best, MD, MBA, of the Doctor's Channel, recommends some of the beautiful sites to take in when visiting Stockholm, including City Hall Tower. For more information on City Hall Tower please visit:...

A tour and review of Stockholm's underground transport system

Subway Review – Stockholm, Sweden

Getting around Stockholm, Sweden is comfortable and even somewhat luxurious when using the subway system. However, the price of a ride on one of these modern trains is enough to make one reconsider, and call a cab instead. So before you board a Swedish subway, check out our video and your bank account. ...

Trendy, sophisticated hotel, bar and bakery

Hotel Rival – Stockholm, Sweden

The Hotel Rival located near the Mariatorget Square in Stockholm, Sweden offers a unique experience. Like much of Stockholm, the Hotel Rival has a rich history. Originally a theater in the 1930s, Benny Andersson of ABBA fame bought and renovated the property. He reopened the hotel in September of 2003. ...