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Enjoy these highlights from the 2018 fundraising event for the USA Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton teams in Washington, DC. Co-founder of The Doctor's Channel, David Best, MD, MBA, was recently elected to the National Governing Board of the USOC for Bobsled/Skeleton. Support Team USA by visiting...
As S​car Wars mania whisks the world into a frenzy, ​join us as we search for supremacy of the medical galaxy. From one dark side to another... Happy ​Everything from ​David, Mike​ "Jar Jar" Banks​, ​Elvis, and your ​favorite ​​Ewoks!
#TGTBT = Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday
Austin, Texas, the city of many nicknames and host to such great events as SXSW, 2017's PharmaForce, and numerous others, also happens to be a foodie's paradise. Join Dr. Best for a walk through some of the more memorable eats he discovered and sought out during a quick trip to Bat City.
Today, as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death, we take a look back at the pilgrimage that our very own Elvis took in 2010 to Graceland, the former home of his namesake. So come along with Elvis on a tour of this legendary estate in Memphis, Tennessee. Address: Graceland 3734 Elvis...
We hope you catch your lucky leprechaun with relative ease this year!

Holiday Card

Bow Wow Land

For Valentines Day 2017, fall in love by rescuing a furry friend from your local animal shelter​. In New York, we like
Wishing you all the best this holiday season!
Make sure your turkey feels the “Bern" this year. Check out our helpful tip below: recommends cooking your poultry to a consistent internal temperature of 165ºF. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend! GOBBLE...
Dr. Best is back from Brazil (and Zika-free) with dining recommendations that are that are pure gold.