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Great food in Annapolis, MD

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market

David Best takes us to one of our favorite coastal cities – Annapolis, MD. At the Annapolis Harbor Center, David visits the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market, which is located in an unlikely location for a place with such good food – a strip mall. The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market...
David Best visits the historic and beautiful campus of the United States Naval Academy. If you’re planning to visit, David says not to miss the guided walking tour. It is approximately an hour and a half long, hitting all the major building and signs of the campus. Some of the highlights? David...

America's Sailing Capital

Sightseeing in Annapolis, MD

Visit Maryland's capital to see some of the finest 17th and 18th century buildings in the country, stop by the US Naval Academy or taste the fresh Chesapeake Bay seafood. For more information on Annapolis, please visit: Sponsored by The Doctor's...

A favorite deli and sandwich shop since 1965

Chick & Ruth’s Delly – Annapolis, MD

Chick & Ruth's Delly is infamous for more than just its sandwiches, subs and old fashioned milkshakes. This eatery has hosted every governor of Maryland since 1967. It is tradition for each governor of Maryland to dine at Chick & Ruth's for breakfast on the morning after their inauguration. For...

Bringing You Over 45 Years of Chesapeake Bay Tradition

Mike’s Bar & Crab House – Annapolis, MD

Established in 1958, Mike's Crab House brings you a mouth-watering waterfront dining experience on the South River. For more information on Mike's Crab House, please visit: Sponsored by The Doctor's Channel