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Genetic Carrier Screening Can Help Prepare Hopeful Parents

Genetic screening technology has come along way in the past decade. Prospective and/or expecting parents now have an affordable way of determining the likelihood of their genomes imparting unfavorable genetic conditions and/or diseases onto their children. The Horizon Natera carrier screen checks for 274 genetic conditions via a blood draw or saliva swab and results are typically available within two weeks.

Natera also offers a non-invasive prenatal test, called Panorama, that can provide parents with information about their unborn child as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy. The test is “highly accurate” and can tell the sex of your patient’s baby, in addition to the level of risk of the baby being born with Down syndrome, as well as many types of trisomies or microdeletions.

Jill Hechtman, MD
Medical Director: Tampa Obstetrics