Professor Peter Jennings, BPharm, PhD, DSc, at Kings College of London discussed the most promising treatments out there right now for combating Parkinson’s. He discussed the condition to detail, labelling Parkinson’s as one of the most complex diseases out there, making it even harder for scientists to find a cure. The reason for that is because Parkinson’s is not a static disease.

He suggested three different ways to combat Parkinson’s disease development: neuro-restoration, disease modification, and neuro-protection, three ways researchers are developing cures for Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers suggest stem-cell-based approach, or transplant fetal dopaminergic neurons into the brain to improve dopamine production.

One suggestion he provided is repurposing existing drugs from other therapeutic areas to combat Parkinson’s, but this is a long-term and complex solution. Parkinson’s isn’t a syndrome and isn’t a single disease, there are more clinical trials needed to find the right cure for Parkinson’s, such as stem cell and gene therapy.

Professor Jennings promotes holistic methods of dealing with Parkinson’s, which would allow people to get rid of this disease called Parkinson’s.