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Concierge Telemedicine Can Transform the Healthcare Industry

Treating People in Their Homes Can Be Safer, Cheaper, and More Efficient

Richard Kimball, Jr., Fellow of the Distinguished Careers Institute at Stanford University, and CEO of HEXL, outlines reasons why access to concierge telemedicine can revolutionize physician-patient interactions. Technology has advanced enough that widespread connectivity coupled with the ubiquity of smartphones and other devices will allow physicians to offer better and faster care than was ever possible before.

The trillions of dollars spent annually on healthcare in the US alone can be reduced by things as simple as fewer ambulance rides, along with less transference of sickness in hospitals and doctors offices. Additionally, earlier diagnoses and treatments of illnesses, combined with better management of chronic conditions, will lead to better allocation of healthcare dollars, as well as higher quality and more abundant care for all.

Richard Kimball, Jr.