Using echo location, or sound, bats are able to fly in the dark, and dolphins are able to guide themselves through the ocean. Similarly, human beings like Daniel Kish can use the clicking sound of echo location to see. When he was just 13 months old, Daniel lost both of his eyes to retinal blastoma, and has no memory of ever having vision in his life. Thanks to echo location, Daniel is able to partake in a number of different everyday activities such as cooking, riding his bike and hiking.

In the year 2000, Daniel founded World Access for the Blind, a non-profit organization which promotes the use of echo location and facilitates the independent achievement of people living with any form of blindness. While the rest of the world seems to be committed to a traditional approach when treating blindness, Daniel is working to share the benefits of echo location, helping individuals with blindness to do more, and see the world through sound.

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