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Curbside Consult: Episode 3, Part 3

Rising PSA But Negative Biopsy, What Now? Part 3

Herbert Lepor, MD, and Danil Makarov, MD, MHS explain a case in which a patient experiences a rising PSA but has had two biopsies preformed with negative results. Lepor and Makarov discuss the possibility of cancer in the transition zone of the prostate and the best methods to rebiopsy that area. The doctors provide their expert advice and recommend using co-registration to guide where to biopsy.

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Herbert Lepor

Herbert Lepor, MD

Martin Spatz Chariman of the Department of Urology

Professor of Urology

Professor of Pharmacology

Director, Smilow Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Center

NYU Langone Medical Center

Danil V. Makarov

Danil V Makarov, MD, MHS

Assistant Professor of Urology and Health Policy

Director, Division of Urological Health Services Research, Department of Urology

NYU Langone Medical Center