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Content Hub: All Things Movement Disorders

A New Way To Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Can Deep Brain Stimulation be Effective in Treating Movement Disorders?

Charles Munyon, director of functional restorative neurosurgery... MORE

How Does the Brain Respond to Injury and Movement Disorders?

Dr. Robert Chen of the Institute of Medical Science at the... MORE

What is Dyskinesia?

An overflow of movement called Dyskinesia can impair someone’s... MORE

Recent Developments of Brain Stimulation Can Help Movement Disorders

Biomedical engineer Ayse Gunduz, of the University of Florida,... MORE

What is Frameless Deep Brain Stimulation?

Holy Cross Hospital First in the Mid-Atlantic Region To Implant... MORE

Does Electroconvulsive Therapy Improve Huntington’s Disease?

For over 70 years electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has been used... MORE

Deficits in Cellular Recycling May Be Key to Better Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

“It’s a time of tremendous revolution in Parkinson’s... MORE