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2011 FutureMed Conference

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FutureMed Conference 2011

MedGadget: Med-Tech Made Easy

Sean Duffy, Editor of MedGadget, speaks about the blog and its dedication to bringing the latest information about emerging medical technology to the public. Filmed at FutureMed, in February, 2011, at Singularity...
Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor, Wired Magazine, discusses the role of sensors in feedback loops. He foresees a time in which the cloud of data provided by cheap, ubiquitous sensors will enable vast scaling of feedback decision loops and help to manage...

From iPhones to Oncology. Amazing.

Ted Goldstein: Modeling Cancer Genomics

Ted Goldstein, MD, VP of Development Technologies, Apple, discusses the application of computer science and modeling to cancer genomics. Videotaped at FutureMed, in May, 2011, at Singularity University. Sponsored by The Doctor’s Channel