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More in CDC Convergence 2010

An Interview with April D. Ryan at the CDC

Challenges in Health and Wellness Facing Urban America

April D. Ryan discusses the challenges facing urban media, as well as health and wellness in the African American community. She is a White House Correspondent with the American Urban Radio Networks. For more information on April, please visit:...

An Interview with Dr. Juan Rivera at the CDC

Health Information: Reaching the Latino Community

Dr. Juan Rivera discusses the health disparities faced by Latino patients, as well as the challenges in disseminating health information to the Latino community. He is a cardiologist in Miami Beach, FL, as well as a medical correspondent for Telemundo.

An Interview with Georges E. Abou Khalil at the CDC

Spreading the Message of Organ Donations among Minority Populations

Georges E. Abou Khalil discusses the difficulties of organ procurement within minority populations. He is an analyst with Donate Life. To learn more about Donate Life Hollywood, please visit: Donate Life Hollywood. Sponsored by The Doctor’s...