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Latest in Family Medicine

Daniel Mazanec, MD, FACP, FACR, Associate Director, Center for Spine Health Cleveland Clinic, discusses medical acupuncture, which is currently practiced by between 4000 and 5000 physicians in the US and is becoming popular for pain management,...

Treatment depends on vascular beds involved and patients clinical symptoms

Fibromuscular Dysplasia Treatment

Heather L. Gornik, MD, MHS, Director Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Cleveland Clinic, discusses the treatment of FMD or fibromuscular dysplasia, which depends on the vascular beds involved and the patient’s clinical symptoms. Summary: Renal FMD is...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

HIV-infected women often neglect cervical cancer screening

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Even though they are at increased risk of invasive cervical cancer, nearly one in four HIV-positive women in the US who were recently interviewed had not undergone a Pap test in the previous year, investigators report. ...

Adult ADHD