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Latest in Family Medicine

Curing peptic ulcer disease

Drinking h. pylori

Barry Marshall, MD, AC, FRS, FAA, describes his discovery of helicobacter pylori as a cause of peptic ulcer disease by infecting himself with the organism Summary: The discovery by Barry Marshall and colleagues that h. pylori infection causes peptic...

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Studies question value of biomarkers, including CRP, for predicting heart disease

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – C-reactive protein (CRP) does not appear to have a causal role in coronary heart disease (CHD), and using it to predict the risk of cardiovascular events offers little added benefit over use of conventional risk factors,...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Treating women in labor with allopurinol may be useful for fetal hypoxia

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – New research indicates that when given to women in labor, allopurinol crosses the placenta during fetal hypoxia and may help reduce brain injury. “This is the first clinical study to investigate whether maternal...