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Latest in Emergency Medicine

Heart disease and cortisol

Stress and heart disease

Lena Edwards, MD, internist, Balance Health & Wellness Center, discusses stressand cardiovascular disease. Cortisol has effects in causing disease over the long-term. It lowers growth hormone levels, increases blood pressure, increases visceral...

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Erythromycin infusion fosters upper gastrointestinal preparation for endoscopy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Erythromycin infusion fosters preparation of the upper gastrointestinal tract for endoscopy in patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding without the need for nasogastric tube placement and gastric lavage, researchers from...

Reuters Health • The Doctor's Channel Daily Newscast

Two-day course of dexamethasone effective for asthma flares

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Adult patients with asthma exacerbations do as well with 2 days of oral dexamethasone as with 5 days of oral prednisone, according to a report in the Annals of Emergency Medicine online February 18. The authors point out...